To Buy Diamonds 


To buy diamonds send XEM to the games wallet:



1 XEM = 10

Find The Dungeon

Most levels have a dungoen - but not all!

Find PuriPet Eggs

Here's a little hint they are always in the Dungeons!

Kill The Reapers

Loot crates to find special weapons that kill these brutal captors of the eggs!

Diamonds help you rescue and collect PuriPets!

Buy Diamonds to Loot Crates


Purchase your diamonds BEFORE logging in and teleporting to the Dark Dimension to rescue PuriPets. The chain doesn't quite reach the Dark Dimension so once you login the only way to get more diamonds is from shrines and chests in the game.

Diamonds are the in-game currency for PuriPets and are used to open chests and give tribute at shrines from which players will often receive small benefits from that help in the game such as weapons to slay enemies, potions and more.


To buy           players simply need to send XEM to the games wallet:




When this is received by the game it automatically awards your game account with the diamonds at the following rate:


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