All over the top lands of Haedes are Shrines that honour of the Goddess Lalendra, Goddess of Balance and Perseverance.


While it has been an age since patrons of either world have seen the faintest trace of Lalendra's grace this hasn't stopped the subjugated peoples of Haedes erecting monuments to her in hope that she may once again return to grace the lands that now so desperately need her.


Rumour has it that good things happen to those who visit these Shrines and pay their respect in the form of Diamonds left in the waters....   





Stashed in the deep depths of the dungeons built into the lands of Haedes by the Dark Legion are a number of carefully paced weapons creates. These crates contain powerful weapons highly specialized to vanquish the various foes to be found in these treacherous places.


While the contents of crates are the handiwork of the Emperor's Mage Guild, it is his Royal Guard that is responsible for ensuring the safe delivery of these crates into the dark reaches of the dungeons.


Find these crates, discover their secrets, destroy the enemy and liberate PuriPets.




Hidden all over the land of Haedes are chests filled with riches the help players in their quests to find all the PuriPets.


Search out these chests, pay their toll and receive the blessings sent from Elysium by Emperor Konig to aid the valiant members of the Explorer Corp.

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