GameFix. Bringing the Games

GameFix is a crypto-gaming focused studio operating out of Westport New Zealand.

We are dedicated to bringing fast, fun games to the NEM community. 


Code Demigod

Ryan Jenkins is the lead developer for EPIC Westport having moved across from CerebralFix where he contributed for years as an engineer.


His experience in the gaming and software development industry including turning trampolines into game control panels, programming robots to work with children on the autism spectrum and gaming products for stroke victims among many others.


Ryan is self taught and expanded his knowledge base by working beside other world class programmers. Ryan moved to Westport to grow the tech presence on the West Coast and prove you can do anything online and from anywhere successfully.


Saint of Artistry

Melvin was born in East Malaysia, and grew up in the city of Kuching. He moved to NZ in 2005 at the age of 18 for tertiary education. He has been living in NZ ever since and is currently based in Christchurch.

Melvin attended CPIT and graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Communication. 


He officially join Cerebral Fix on December of 2008 and has worked for the company for 9 + years as an artist/designer on various projects. Joins Lootwinner in mid 2018 as the artist/ creative lead.

Likes gaming, action figures, martial arts, anime, manga and comics.
Loves spicy food and fried chicken. Does not smoke or drink. 


Dungeonmaster of Doom

Raymond Long is the Head of Games at Lootwinner/GameFix and creates games out of the Epic Westport Innovation Hub.


Raymond designs and produces games and applications for multiple platforms including web, mobile and facebook.


Previous to Lootwinner/GameFix he worked with such companies as GameShow Network, PlayFirst, Tapjoy and more with projects from Disney, Pixar, Sony and many more.


He is currently working on programs for games in the real money gambling and crypto gaming space such as MatchNEM, PuriPets and more!



Ghost Wrider

Jess is new to GameFix, but is ready to help out in every way possible. Jess has been working on the social media with Dungeonmaster of Doom, Ray Long, and voices Princess Sophella on social media. 

Jess has recently graduated from college with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Creative Writing and English. This interest has closely aligned her with love of television, film, and video games. 

However, new to working with companies, she hopes the experience will lead to future endeavors for her writing and creative career. 

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